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Just as planned...

Location: Zeon Student Council HQ
Time: Wednesday, April 7, during lunch hour.
Characters: Livonze, anyone else!
Status: In Progress.
Warnings: None
Summary: Livonze holds court in the Student Council room.

The Zeon Academy Student Council headquarters was on the upper floor of one of the towers, where large glass windows afforded an impressive view of the school grounds. Although the horizon was bounded by the dull metal containment wall of the space colony, the vantage point gave Livonze Almack the feeling of an feudal lord surveying his domain. The post of Student Council President was technically an elected office, but he planned to do away with any pretense of democratic leadership and install himself as Supreme Commander of the Zeon forces... forces which consisted primarily of a football team and a marching band, but even great leaders had to start small. Livonze shrugged and stepped away from the window to retire to his usual spot on a plush couch that he'd had underlings drag up six flights of stairs to serve as his personal presidential throne.

Most students were using the first week of classes to meet new friends and re-connect with old ones, but Livonze had no desire to mill about with peasants, especially now that the campus had been infiltrated by those classless Federation students. However, even he was occasionally susceptible to boredom... so he'd left the door to the Council room open.


Tieria feels increasingly nervous as he walks down the corridor that leads to the main room of the Student Council. He swallows and chides himself; he has a perfectly legitimate reason to approach Ribons Almack. There is nothing to feel insecure about.

He comes to a halt in front of the door and is startled to find the door left slightly ajar. Tieria takes a deep breath and knocks at the door gently, pushing it open just as carefully.

"Excuse me, is anyone here?"
"Why, Mr. Erde," replies Livonze as a smile twists across his lips. "Such a pleasant surprise. Please, come in." He gestures to a nearby chair and props his elbow on the arm of the couch. The warm, fragrant spring air made him feel slightly tired, but the prospect of an amusing conversation with the orchestra club's leader has revived his spirits. He likes to imagine Tieria's hesitation around him as the natural wariness of a bird in the presence of a cat.

"You'll be graduating this year, correct? What a shame... I hate to lose one of my favorite classmates." It was impossible to detect a trace of insincerity in Livonze's honey-like voice. Tieria was an exceptional studied who, Livonze hated to admit, possessed abilities that nearly equalled his own... so it was best to keep him from growing too comfortable.
Tieria blinks in surprise at the other's friendly words. He hasn't expected Ribbons to be this elated because of his visit. Truth be told, he has never been able to lie a finger on the source of the slight anxiety that creeps up his spine whenever he talks with the green-haired boy, but Tieria has always been sure that it is better to keep his distance to him.

There seems to be more to Ribbons' words. They seem to circle Tieria, keeping him in place, and the prospect of turning on his heels and leaving the room again seems tempting, but impossible to realize. What a power this mere boy has, and that with only his words, Tieria thinks uneasily.

"Good day. Ah, but it's still quite a long time until then ..." Tieria answers and steps into the room awkwardly. He isn't sure how to reply to Ribbons, and was just about to thank him for his indirect flattery but decides against it. Tieria is frightened about where this conversation might lead him if he was to let his guard down. There is a reason why most students don't get too close to him. And although Tieria isn't one to gloat over rumors, the ones that circle around Ribbons' strange-natured relationships with rich older men only add to his mysterious, threatening aura.
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< As part of your scholarship requirement, you must join at least one campus activity. I would suggest the Student Council, as this will look best on your records, Miss Loussier. >

Stellar frowned as she refolded the letter. She really didn't want to disappoint her sponsor, Mr. Roanoke, but she couldn't help feeling a little helpless in her current situation. This Zeon Academy was full of overachievers and the best of the best, she wasn't ready for this sort of thing!

She clutched the letter to her chest as she nervously climbed the stairs. Stellar felt her heart pounding like it wanted to fling itself from her ribcage. Student Council was the sort of thing popular kids did. She wasn't that sort of girl. Did Mr. Roanoke have any idea what kind of student she was?! Oh, wait, perhaps not. Considering the fact he did sponsor her. Stellar felt her knees turning to jello. This was so unfair! She was usually such a carefree person. Stupid Zeon Academy! Why couldn't she have just gone to the Federation like Auel.

"Get ahold of yourself, Loussier, you can do this!" she thought to herself as she reached the top landing of the staircase, "It's just a student organization. Nothing to be scared of. It's not like you're going to die . . . ."

Okay, so that thought didn't help at all.

The door to the Student Council room was open . . . Stellar took a deep breath to steady herself. She shoved the crumpled letter into her leather school bag and straightened herself out. Head high, back straight, firm voice. You can do it.

Stepping into the room, Stellar looked first to a purple haired boy then towards the blond sitting on the couch. Both of them looked to be upper classmen. Seniors? Oh my gosh! Oh my gosh! Say something! Anything!

"Hi, my name is Stellar Loussier and I'm a freshmen. I'd like a position on Student Council." Remember to be polite. "Please?"

Stellar's eye twitched slightly from nervousness. The words had come out of her mouth, but in her mind it sounded more like HimynameisStellarLoussierandI'mafreshmen than real words.
Livonze knits his fingers together in his lap and gives Tieria his most angelic, disarmingly sweet smile. "Do come closer, Tieria." He uses the other boy's name deliberately, as if they were on familiar terms with each other. "There's no reason to stand all the way across the room... I don't bite, you know." He somehow got the impression that Tieria didn't like him... which was unfortunate. Livonze prided himself on being exceedingly likable.

"So, Tieria, what may I do for you?" He gives a slight nod of his head as a rare sign of acknowledgement. "I look forward to hearing the orchestra again this..."

Livonze's brow twitches in mild annoyance as he's interrupted by the stuttering speech of a blonde girl he's never seen before. It takes him a few seconds to parse her nervous babbling into understandable words. Stellar Loussier... the name is vaguely familiar to him, but he doesn't remember her as having particularly exceptional grades in junior high. Hmm...

"Stellar Loussier? Ah, yes, you must be the girl sponsored by Neo Roanoke. Neo is... an old acquaintance," he says with a smile. "Well then, I'm happy to welcome you to the Student Council as a deputy officer. I'm anxious to see your potential. Oh, yes..." Livonze gestured lightly to Tieria. "This is Tieria Erde, of the school orchestra, and I am Livonze Almack, president of the Student Council." He gives a small, pleasant smile. "Such a strained atmosphere in this room..."
Tieria watches the blonde girl calmly, not really surprised that her nervosity about approaching Ribbons showed so clearly. Not everyone was as skilled in hiding his emotions as Tieria - and Ribbons, naturally.

He nods at Stellar briefly, secretly pitying the poor girl for her choice on joining the Student Council freely. She obviously doesn't know Ribbons and his antics, hence has no idea what she is getting herself into.

Truth be told, Tieria feels a bit relieved about the girl distracting Ribbons from himself. He hopes Ribbons won't try anything ... funny (just HOW FAR would he go with his challenging, teasing words? How much harder would he try to rile him up?) with another person in the room. Taking a deep breath, Tieria tries to organize his thoughts and reminds himself that he is here to ask for a raise of the funds available to the orchestra.

But it is somehow hard for him to ignore the way his own name sounds, rolling from from Ribbons' mouth like something rich and sticky and very intimate. It makes his insides crawl and shiver against their vessel, and Tieria belatedly realizes that he is shivering slightly.

"Mr. Almack, I didn't know you appreciated our performances." Tieria responds quietly, unsure whether he wants to chide the girl for bursting into their conversation like that or to thank her for lightening the threatening atmosphere that had settled over the room before.
Tieria Erde and Livonze Almack . . . Almack. Stellar bit her bottom lip as she frowned. She's heard some interesting rumors on campus about him. His escapades had been spoken about by the entire student body.

Great, just her luck, she'd have to barge into the room and interrupt these two. And she was definitely sure that she had interrupted something. The air was tense with some unspoken conflict. The expression on Livonze's face was friendly and charming, but the stiffness in Tieria's stance was an obvious give away that the two were not just chatting like old friends.

It was a bit of a surprise that Almack knew Neo Roanoke. An old acquaintance? She wished she knew more about her sponsor. Had some clue of why he even bothered pushing her towards Zeon Academy and what his ties to the school might be.

Stellar stepped further into the Student Council room, her initial fears beginning to wash away. For the moment, she wasn't the one in the hot seat. So instead, she let her gaze shift towards the windows and the impressive view before her. The Zeon Academy's campus was a glorious sight in the noonday light. Even the burnt husk of the Federation campus did not mar the sight.

She silently admired the view, hoping not to invoke either of the upper class men's wrath.
"Tieria, I'm very disappointed! Aren't you going to greet our new guest? Perhaps you'd be more popular if you didn't have such a sour face all the time." Livonze laughs as if enjoying a joke that only he finds amusing. "My apologies, Miss Loussier." He stands and takes her hand in his own, bowing to kiss her wrist lightly. Livonze knows that a successful politician is 1% substance and 99% showmanship. He pulls her towards his couch and has her sit at the opposite end. Doing so would seem to be an act of friendship, but Livonze keeps potential enemies even closer than friends. The girl is an unknown factor in his plans for domination... if she was selected by Neo Roanoke, she must be special in some way.

"Please forgive his rudeness, Stellar. I'm afraid my colleage isn't very charming, but what he lacks in tact he makes up for in talent." Livonze slowly blinks his feathery eyelashes, looking innocent. "Of course I appreciate the orchestra's performances. Music is an useful tool for moving the hearts of the people and rousing their spirits. Don't you think so, Tieria?"
Tieria's face turns sour. "I believe the way I behave towards others is my own business and noone else's." he struggles to stay composed, but his voice still sounds upset and strained.
The way Ribbons shamelessly schmoozes Stellar makes him feel sick.
And he would lie is he claimed to be immune to Ribbons' words - there have indeed been times when he has silently wished for at least one companion here at school. But his isolated upbringing has made it difficult for Tieria to figure out how to deal with people in a purely friendly manner. He knows how to be polite to his superiors, but it is near impossible for him to relate to the other students his age. Their world seems so trivial, and yet entirely alien to Tieria.

Again, Ribbons has managed to have the upper hand in this conversation. He can play Tieria in any way he wants to and this knowledge scares Tieria a big deal. He chides himself yet again and tries hard to make his voice sound calmer; "Well, then you might be open towards the suggestion that I have come here for. It's about the orchestra's finances."
He thinks he so smooth. Stellar smiled brightly as Livonze kissed her wrist, but inside her stomach was filled with butterflies again. And not for a good reason. Sting would act this way around girls he wanted to score with. Although, Stellar had the sinking feeling that wasn't the reason this guy was being so kind to her. Auel, why did you have to get kicked out of this school!

Stay cool, stay cool. Don't let him take control of the situation, remember everything you've been taught. Stellar closed her eyes for a moment to calm herself. There had to be a reason why Neo would send her into a place like this. She had to do something.

"I'm afraid not all of us are quite as honey-tongued as you, Mister Almack. The art of social combat and espionage doesn't appeal to us all," Stellar smiled at Tieria wishing he wouldn't strain himself so much.

The more Almack took control of the situation, the worse things were going to be here. This is high school -wasn't it?- things shouldn't be this intense yet instead it felt like one of Neo's social gatherings where every was a matter of diplomacy and tact.

"Is the orchestra in need of financial assistance?" Stellar hoped she wasn't speaking out of term, "I'm sure that since our Mister Almack is such a huge fan and an acquaintance of Mister Roanoke, giving you the funding would be an easy task. A lovely school like ours would be nothing without an outstanding music program."

Tieria is wrong, of course. Everything that happens within Zeon Academy's walls is Livonze's business. He directs the full force of his syrupy smile at the purple-haired boy, giving him a patronizing look. Oh, Tieria, if only you knew your icy act was as transparent as glass... Before he has a chance to respond, though, he's once again interrupted by Stellar. He narrows his eyes slightly to give her a sharp glance before laughing off her comment with a shrug of his shoulders.

"Social combat? Espionage? Such harsh words from a pretty girl... you interest me, Miss Loussier." Livonze speaks with a dry tone, and if the girl has a shred of sense in her head she'll recognize his words for the threat they are. "I wonder where you get ideas like that. We're all friends here, aren't we?" he asks rhetorically, turning his attention back to Tieria.

"Miss Loussier is correct," he concedes, surpressing his irritation at the way she stole the words from his mouth. "As I've already noted, the orchestra is a valuable asset to campus morale, so approving the budget increase is not a problem. After all, if it's only a matter of money... it's very easy to get more. You simply have to know who to ask and how to persuade them."
Tieria seethes with irritation upon hearing Livonze's words that seem to be dripping with sarcasm. Friends, all right.
His composure almost completely slips at Livonze hints at how he's going to increase his own finances - the boy's sleazy way of talking about such things was inexcuseable and starkly contrasted the ideals of the school that were based on diligence, fairness and a awareness of morals and justice. He curls his hands into barely shaking fists by his side. And all of that despite his excellent academic skills! If Tieria didn't feel as uncomfortable around Livonze as he did he would almost feel sorry about all that potential going to waste in such a rotten mind.

"I am glad to hear that you will be raising our funds, then." Tieria almost sighs with relief. He wants to leave this room for good finally, but feels like he should still say something, anything.
Who needs enemies when you've got friends like this?!? Stellar thought as she glared at Livonze. She politely rested her hands in her lap and let the other two speak. She had jumped out of the frying pan and into the fire. No sense stirring up hot coals.

Stellar shifted her gaze to Tieria and looked hopefully at him trying to communicate please-don't-leave-me-here-alone as best she could. Livonze did not seem like someone she wanted to have pissed off at her and she wasn't doing good so far. No sense getting herself stuck in the lion's den alone.
His companions appear to be quite unsettled, to say the least, so Livonze allows himself a small smirk of satisfaction as he relaxes back in his chair. Knowing how to deal with people is the core of his position as president, after all. He knows how to make people fear him and how to make people love him, and he knows how to turn both adoration and loathing into obedience. After all, gaining control of Zeon Academy is merely a precursor to gaining control of the entire colony.

"It is my duty as president to ensure the happiness of my fellow students, is it not?" he asks with a nod to Tieria. "But aren't you forgetting your manners, Tieria? You didn't even thank me," he continues with a theatrical sigh. Servants should look to their ruler with the same loyalty of a dog looking to its master for table scraps, he thinks with mild contempt. For all of Livonze's Machiavellian tendencies, in his heart he wishes to be loved... but it seems it will take more to win Tieria's alligience.

Livonze has high hopes for Stellar, though. Perhaps she will better serve his purposes.