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fking_ribbons in gundamgakuen

Just as planned...

Location: Zeon Student Council HQ
Time: Wednesday, April 7, during lunch hour.
Characters: Livonze, anyone else!
Status: In Progress.
Warnings: None
Summary: Livonze holds court in the Student Council room.

The Zeon Academy Student Council headquarters was on the upper floor of one of the towers, where large glass windows afforded an impressive view of the school grounds. Although the horizon was bounded by the dull metal containment wall of the space colony, the vantage point gave Livonze Almack the feeling of an feudal lord surveying his domain. The post of Student Council President was technically an elected office, but he planned to do away with any pretense of democratic leadership and install himself as Supreme Commander of the Zeon forces... forces which consisted primarily of a football team and a marching band, but even great leaders had to start small. Livonze shrugged and stepped away from the window to retire to his usual spot on a plush couch that he'd had underlings drag up six flights of stairs to serve as his personal presidential throne.

Most students were using the first week of classes to meet new friends and re-connect with old ones, but Livonze had no desire to mill about with peasants, especially now that the campus had been infiltrated by those classless Federation students. However, even he was occasionally susceptible to boredom... so he'd left the door to the Council room open.


Tieria feels increasingly nervous as he walks down the corridor that leads to the main room of the Student Council. He swallows and chides himself; he has a perfectly legitimate reason to approach Ribons Almack. There is nothing to feel insecure about.

He comes to a halt in front of the door and is startled to find the door left slightly ajar. Tieria takes a deep breath and knocks at the door gently, pushing it open just as carefully.

"Excuse me, is anyone here?"
"Why, Mr. Erde," replies Livonze as a smile twists across his lips. "Such a pleasant surprise. Please, come in." He gestures to a nearby chair and props his elbow on the arm of the couch. The warm, fragrant spring air made him feel slightly tired, but the prospect of an amusing conversation with the orchestra club's leader has revived his spirits. He likes to imagine Tieria's hesitation around him as the natural wariness of a bird in the presence of a cat.

"You'll be graduating this year, correct? What a shame... I hate to lose one of my favorite classmates." It was impossible to detect a trace of insincerity in Livonze's honey-like voice. Tieria was an exceptional studied who, Livonze hated to admit, possessed abilities that nearly equalled his own... so it was best to keep him from growing too comfortable.
Tieria blinks in surprise at the other's friendly words. He hasn't expected Ribbons to be this elated because of his visit. Truth be told, he has never been able to lie a finger on the source of the slight anxiety that creeps up his spine whenever he talks with the green-haired boy, but Tieria has always been sure that it is better to keep his distance to him.

There seems to be more to Ribbons' words. They seem to circle Tieria, keeping him in place, and the prospect of turning on his heels and leaving the room again seems tempting, but impossible to realize. What a power this mere boy has, and that with only his words, Tieria thinks uneasily.

"Good day. Ah, but it's still quite a long time until then ..." Tieria answers and steps into the room awkwardly. He isn't sure how to reply to Ribbons, and was just about to thank him for his indirect flattery but decides against it. Tieria is frightened about where this conversation might lead him if he was to let his guard down. There is a reason why most students don't get too close to him. And although Tieria isn't one to gloat over rumors, the ones that circle around Ribbons' strange-natured relationships with rich older men only add to his mysterious, threatening aura.
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