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dangerouslydumb in gundamgakuen

Lazy Afternoon

Location: Basketball court
Time: Thursday, April 8, after class
Characters: Auel, anyone else!
Status: In Progress.
Warnings: None

Auel dodged imaginary opponents as he made his way across the concrete basketball court, feinting a pass before sinking the ball through the net. Another victory - after practicing on his own for almost an hour, he was getting a little bored of easy wins... With a yawn, he let the ball roll off into a corner of the court where it was immediately forgotten. Auel's competetive, combative urge was like an itch he couldn't scratch no matter what sport he tried to funnel his energy into, but it was a little early in the school year to start picking fights. Booooring.

He had a vague recollection that fighting was what had gotten him kicked out of all of his previous classes, but he had a hard time remembering what the fights had been about. In fact, it was hard to remember much of anything about his old schools. They must have been really boring, he thought with a shrug as he went to retrieve the lost basketball to practice trick shots. Practice kept Auel out of trouble for the time being, but he had a feeling that trouble would eventually find him.


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It didn't take much for Stellar to figure out where Auel would be. She wasn't really all that nervous about seeing him again. It had been a year since he had gone off to high school, but Auel hadn't changed much over the years, so a little time at Zeon/Federation wasn't likely to have lasting effects. She hummed happily to herself as she approached the basket ball court.

Stellar paused as a ball rolled gently off the court towards her. She stopped it with her foot and knelt to pick it up. She cradled the ball in her arms and stood. Auel. She smiled as she looked towards the court to spot him. Still the same old Auel. Always antsy for some competition.

"Care for a game, stranger? Winner buys dinner?" She grinned as she tried to twirl the ball on her finger only to fail, "I promise to try and be a challenge this time."
Auel blinked a few times, wondering why the blonde girl's voice sounded familiar. She was wearing a Zeon uniform, and Auel was pretty sure that the only contact he'd ever had with Zeon students was in the form of brawls behind the school. Since he didn't hit girls, he didn't know any female students from the other school.

"Hey, you're doing it all wrong!" he said, running over to her to grab the ball. "You've gotta get a good spin on the ball before you try to balance it on your finger." Auel demonstrated with a grin. He never passed on an opportunity to show off, especially in front of girls. He passed the ball back to her and scratched his head.

"Do I know you from somewhere? You look really familiar..." Auel laughed, shaking his head. "Naah, that's not possible. A Zeon girl like you is way too high-class for me!"
"Auel Neider, what on Earth did you do to get yourself expelled from another school," Stellar spun the ball as he had demonstrated, then balanced it on her finger, "I guess you really are lost without me and Sting around to keep you out of trouble."

She laughed sheepishly as she tossed the ball back at him. Auel was as forgetful as ever, but it was nice having him treat her like a girl for once instead of the annoying tag-along little sister. She smoothed out the skirt of her school uniform as she watched him carefully.

"I wasn't very high-class when you stuck bubble gum in my hair back in sixth grade," Stellar smiled then shrugged nonchallantly, "I think your exact words were 'You're a silly girl.' And then you and Sting ran off."
"Sting?" Oh yeah, that green-haired bastard who'd had the nerve to beat him sometimes in games... The fog was clearing slightly from Auel's mind. So that meant the girl was... "Stellar? Shit, I didn't think I'd see you here. Did you beat up some Zeon chick and steal her uniform? It looks good on you," he laughed, although the "compliment" was spoiled by Auel's attempt to grab her skirt.

He gave her a conspiratorial smirk and winked slyly. "So do those rich kids have anything worth stealing? You know Neo's always getting my head adjusted so I'll stay out of trouble, but I guess my brain just won't stay fixed. I'm incurably criminal! Well, I guess if you're here, I'll have to try not to get kicked out of this school too..."
"I'm wearing this uniform legitimately," Stellar tried to sound insulted, but she couldn't help but laugh as Auel tried to grab her skirt, "But I'm about as surprised as you."

Stellar smiled coyly as she listened to Auel tried to make excuses for his deviant behavior. She shook her head and patted him on the shoulder, "You should come over and visit me some time. I'm sure the expression on some of their faces would be priceless. So Neo is still meddling in your life too? He's pushed me towards the Student Council for reasons I can't surmise."

She sighed as she glanced around the area, "You'd better stick around or I might have to just get myself kicked out as well . . ."
"Don't go getting yourself kicked out of a nice school on my account. We ain't had a lot of lucky breaks in our lives, so take advantage of what you've got. But if those Zeon brats look at me funny, I'll punch their faces in," said Auel agreeably, nodding. He was glad to see Stellar again - he'd had the nagging feeling for the past few months that something was missing. Unlike average schoolyard bullies, Auel didn't surround himself with a gang of loyal thugs. He kept to himself most of the time, practicing basketball or smoking cigarettes between classes. If he'd stopped to think (which he rarely did), he might have felt a hint of loneliness. Not that he'd admit to missing someone like Stellar, who could be a real pain in the ass when she felt like it.

"Wait, Student Council? You mean those dorky kids who plan school bake sales and crap like that?" Auel wrinkled his nose in disgust. "What's Neo planning? Next time I see him, I'll kick his ass," he grumbled.
"Where's the point in going to a boring school like Zeon Academy when all my friends are off somewhere else?" Stellar protested. She stuck her lower lip out trying to pout, "I've all ready met at least one person I'd like to punch in the face. And he's the Student Council President."

"I have no idea what Neo wants me to do! I tried applying over here to the Federation, but he pulled strings over at Zeon," she kicked a rock across the grass and frowned.

It was times like these she wished she could climb into bed and erase all ofher bad memories. Stellar shook her head and covered her face. Stupid Student Council. Damned school. She just wanted to survive high school. Or at least make it through her freshmen year.
"What's the point of going to a boring school at all when there are better ways to waste your time?" he replied with a shrug. Stellar could be awfully moody sometimes. Auel guessed that it was some sort of girl thing. She'd always been Neo's favorite... no wonder he'd taken such an interest in her school life. But Neo had pulled a few strings for Auel, too. It was hard to remember exactly what had happened, but he'd gotten in big trouble at his old school. Instead of shipping him off to a penal colony somewhere, he'd been "rehabilitated"... whatever that meant. Auel's brain felt foggy, not fixed.

"I don't like the idea of some dude picking on you, though. Only me and Sting are allowed to pick on you. If I see that president guy, I'll hold his arms so you can punch him nice and hard!"
Stellar chuckled at Auel's comment. "Now I feel all silly for feeling bummed out."

Things were looking up for the semester. Auel was only a hop, skip, and a jump away from her. Student Council wouldn't be that bad, denial was always essential, and classes were actually sounding like fun now.

"So, you going to stand around here all day or can I persuade you to come cause trouble with me?" Stellar put her arms behind her back and crossed her fingers as she smiled innocently at Auel, "What do ya say? Pleeeeeease?"
"You think too hard! Who cares what Neo wants you to do? Since when have we ever listened to that creepy old fart?" Auel rolled his eyes.

Affecting his best mock-serious expression, Auel straightened the collar of his school uniform. "Not tonight, I've got to study!" He could barely make it through the lie without doubling over in snorting laughter. "Hell yeah, Stellar! Trouble's better in twos, after all. And I know you - whenever you make that innocent face, you're planning something evil. Whatever it is, I want in on it!" he exclaimed, punching the air in a victory sign.