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Jul. 21st, 2008



Since we got started a little late and Sanada just got back from Europe, we're going to extend this arc another week. Happy posting!

Jul. 14th, 2008


She's crazy AND smart, who wouldn't love that?

Location: Zeon Academy Pool (I'm assuming that it's an outdoor pool?)
Time: Sunday, April 11, midday
Characters: Stellar, anyone else!
Status: In Progress.
Warnings: None

Stellar idly tossed another book behind her adding to the growing trail of textbooks that lead into the pool area.  Mathematics . . . check.  She yawned and stretched her arms over her head as she did a mental checklist of the subjects. The weekend had given her a chance to get ahead on most of her assignments.  Stellar picked up her Political Science book and glared at it with some boredom.  She had read through this one on Friday during class . . . right?  She opened it and scanned the first chapter. Yup . . .

With a growl of frustration, Stellar tossed the book over her shoulder.  It was easier pretending NOT to be smart.  Now she was bored.  Bored bored bored!   She shaded her eyes from the afternoon sun and eyed the pool in front of her.  Before she came to Zeon, school had at least been fun!  Getting into mischief, making the teachers want to pull their hair out, and driving the other classmates mad!

"Stellar doesn't want to die of boredom!" Stellar muttered as she idly folded a sheet of paper scribbled with all her math notes on it, "This is so lame . . ."

She tossed the sheet of paper, which was now a paper airplane, into the air.  She didn't need it.  She had all ready scribbled most of the answers to the math questions inside her book.  She had hoped that maybe some of the students would be around the pool area.  Even if it was some of the athletes doing laps.  She could have at least bugged some of them to stamp her card. Sadly, there didn't seem to be any sign of other students.  Maybe it was too early in the day?  Ah, it was Sunday.

Well, at least she had picked a pleasant spot to study.  Stellar really liked the water, Neo had taken her down to Earth once.  The ocean down there was so beautiful.  Up in the colonies . . . well, this school did have a pool so that was one perk of being here?  Stellar had never gotten a chance to learn to swim.  Maybe she'd get a chance to learn while she was attending school here.

Stellar kicked off her shoes as she wandered over to the pool's edge.  Maybe she could just dangle her feet into the water . . .  She dipped one foot into the water, testing it's temperature. Wow, this feels great! She giggled and splashed at the water with her foot.

"Fun, fun fun!"

Jul. 1st, 2008


Arc Two Start Information

Now that the students are settled in and classes have gotten underway, it seems to be business as usual at both Zeon and Federation. Of course, nothing ever stays peaceful for long...

As an attempt to foster goodwill and keep the property destruction to a minimum, the second week of school will be taken up by the first of what may have to be many joint efforts between Zeon and Federation to force their student bodies to interact with each other. Each student and teacher will be given a stamp and a card. Every day, they must make an effort to get to know as many students and teachers from the rival school as they can (as long as it doesn't interfere with precious study time) and get them to stamp their card once they feel they know them a little better. Of course, this is just a recipe for disaster...

This arc will cover the week of April 11-17. We'd like to have it wrapped by July 20th.

MOD NOTE: I know there are some threads from the first arc that haven't wrapped yet. Don't worry about it. Just get them done as soon as possible. You can start or join a thread in Arc Two if you're still posting for Arc One. Again, you can use this post for plotting.

Also, I'm going to beg again for you to try to drag people into the game or get the word out. Take more characters! Anything! The more people we have, the more fun this game will be.

Jun. 25th, 2008


Mission 01: Success or Failure?

Location: His dorm/around campus
Time: Roughly 4 A.M.
Characters: Heero and anyone who's willing to put up with him. 
Status: In Progress, Open to All
Warnings: Mild Language (to be safe)
Summary: How Heero handles failure...even if it's just a simple thing like attempting to hack into Federation files to find information about the fire.

[ooc; Sorry this is so late, guys. I was in Puerto Rico for a week .___.]

Jun. 16th, 2008


Drastic Changes

Location: Somewhere in the Federation Institute
Time: Tuesday, April 6, before the start of classes
Characters: Setsuna, anyone else
Status: In Progress Complete
Warnings: None.
Summary: 2 days after going in the Institute, and Setsuna still has to adapt to his new school.

Even after 2 days in his new school, Setsuna couldn't get used to the sudden changes in his environment. He didn't really have any nice memories with anyone back at Zeon, but he did miss its clean, neat surroundings. He was probably too pampered of its almost-perfect scenery (most especially the Gundams flying at the sky every afternoon or so). Of course, who wouldn't notice the large difference between the two schools? Federation was a complete dump site compared to Zeon. (Actually, in a way, it is, since students who fail Zeon usually end up at the Fed).

He knew that the Institute was a lot smaller than Zeon, so he figured out that navigating his way around the entire school was easy. Apparently, he was proved wrong on his first day, when he came late to his second period after minutes of trying to find his way through walls covered in graffiti and broken concrete. He was lucky not to do the same mistake the next day, but this time, he was to finally check in at the dormitory, a building he has yet to see (the Institute, unusually enough, gave him 2 days to have his belongings ready. Setsuna didn't really had much, so he was finished the day before they gave him the key to his room). And so he stood, staring blankly over the badly drawn map given to him, refusing to ask help from anyone. However, even though he didn't want to admit it, Setsuna F. Seiei was very, very lost.


Lazy Afternoon

Location: Basketball court
Time: Thursday, April 8, after class
Characters: Auel, anyone else!
Status: In Progress.
Warnings: None

Auel dodged imaginary opponents as he made his way across the concrete basketball court, feinting a pass before sinking the ball through the net. Another victory - after practicing on his own for almost an hour, he was getting a little bored of easy wins... With a yawn, he let the ball roll off into a corner of the court where it was immediately forgotten. Auel's competetive, combative urge was like an itch he couldn't scratch no matter what sport he tried to funnel his energy into, but it was a little early in the school year to start picking fights. Booooring.

He had a vague recollection that fighting was what had gotten him kicked out of all of his previous classes, but he had a hard time remembering what the fights had been about. In fact, it was hard to remember much of anything about his old schools. They must have been really boring, he thought with a shrug as he went to retrieve the lost basketball to practice trick shots. Practice kept Auel out of trouble for the time being, but he had a feeling that trouble would eventually find him.


Just as planned...

Location: Zeon Student Council HQ
Time: Wednesday, April 7, during lunch hour.
Characters: Livonze, anyone else!
Status: In Progress.
Warnings: None
Summary: Livonze holds court in the Student Council room.

The Zeon Academy Student Council headquarters was on the upper floor of one of the towers, where large glass windows afforded an impressive view of the school grounds. Although the horizon was bounded by the dull metal containment wall of the space colony, the vantage point gave Livonze Almack the feeling of an feudal lord surveying his domain. The post of Student Council President was technically an elected office, but he planned to do away with any pretense of democratic leadership and install himself as Supreme Commander of the Zeon forces... forces which consisted primarily of a football team and a marching band, but even great leaders had to start small. Livonze shrugged and stepped away from the window to retire to his usual spot on a plush couch that he'd had underlings drag up six flights of stairs to serve as his personal presidential throne.

Most students were using the first week of classes to meet new friends and re-connect with old ones, but Livonze had no desire to mill about with peasants, especially now that the campus had been infiltrated by those classless Federation students. However, even he was occasionally susceptible to boredom... so he'd left the door to the Council room open.

Jun. 15th, 2008


Loran Cehack: Action Transvestite

Location: Behind Zeon Academy
Time: Monday, April 5. After school hours.
Characters: Loran and Dearka
Status: In Progress, Open to all Zeon students
Warnings: None
Summary: Loran does a little trespassing to start the year off.

Loran winced and rubbed at his freshly skinned knee. In hindsight, climbing over the fence to sneak on to the Zeon Academy grounds was a bad idea. Climbing over the fence in his school uniform was probably an even worse idea, but he'd been so caught up in the excitement of his first day at the Federation Institute that it had never occurred to him that climbing and skirts didn't mix. All he'd wanted was to catch a glimpse of his old school and now he found himself in what was supposed to be "enemy territory," wounded and dressed like a girl.

His life had certainly gotten strange.

He could probably get used to the bad cafeteria food at the Institute. He could probably even come to love the funny way the school smelled and he was already fascinated by all the colorful graffiti. Even having to pretend to be a girl wasn't all that bad, at least it hadn't been so far. However, he still missed Zeon's beautiful buildings and well-manicured athletic fields, its clean and well-dressed students, its not smelling really funny. He was so caught up in examining how pretty a nearby flowerbed was that he didn't even hear footsteps approaching.

Jun. 12th, 2008


Arc One Start Information

It's April and the beautiful, genetically engineered cherry blossoms are blowing in the artificially generated wind, welcoming back the equally perfected students of Zeon Academy. Next door, a burnt-out husk and smoldering rubble awaits the beleagured Federation Institute. Even the parts of the school that are still intact have a funny smell and are looking a bit singed.

What will the new school year have in store?

New roommates! New teachers! New friends! New enemies! Newtypes! I mean...um...

Our culture and sports clubs will start accepting new members on April 12! Be sure to check them out! Joining a club will create lasting friendships and look great on your resume!

Some suggestions:

Zeon Academy Student Council - contact fking_ribbons or yzak_smash
Federation Institute Basketball Club - contact dangerouslydumb

This arc will cover the week of April 4-10. You can start posting any time after June 14th and we'd like to try to wrap things up by June 28th.

MOD NOTE: Feel free to discuss plot and set up threads with each other in the comments of this post. Also, if you'd try to get the word about the game out to your friends, family, perfect strangers, whatever, that'd be great. We'd love to have as many players as possible!

May. 29th, 2008



Click for a description of the AU setting and the schoolCollapse )

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