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3xfaster in gundamgakuen


Comment here with your name, what character(s) you'll be playing, and your preferred method of contact. Please tell us a little bit about yourself too!


Hello, I'm Sanada, and I'll be one of your mods in addition to playing Livonze, Auel and Dearka! (It was hard to pick just 3 characters since I'm a Gundam otaku~) A primary reason for the existence of this game is that I'm going crazy waiting for the second half of Gundam 00 to air in the fall! All-time favorite characters include Harry Ord, Haman Karn, Tieria Erde, and Yzak Joule~ My other hobbies include cosplay, biological science, building models and translating manga... so I'm pretty much a nerd, yeah.

I check my email a lot so you can reach me at irodori@gmail.com, or on AIM as Sanada4Prez. I'm also on Y!M as Rengejoin. Please contact me or K-tan, your other mod, with any questions or suggestions!!
Hey there everyone! My name is Anna and I'm playing Tieria Erde here. I've first gotten into Gundam when SEED and SEED Destiny aired, and also picked up the older series like the original Gundam and Zeta Gundam. There's just something about deranged, angst-ridden teenagers piloting giant robots ♥
Other than that, I'm interested in art, literature (mostly German authors), hence also drawing and writing. I also enjoy attending goth and metal festivals/concerts and of course dancing in "evil" clubs with "evil" people.

I have just graduated and am working on my portfolio until next spring. I thus have a lot of free time for RPing. Just hit me up on AIM (name is tristesse deluxe), MSN (cagalli@live.de), ICQ (451494539) or write me an email (starkstromfehler@gmail.com). ♥ (Needless to say, I'm VERY yaoi friendly as well. +coughs+)
I'm beginning to think that giant robots are actually powered by angst~! (With an extra boost of power from insanity and homoerotic undertones, whoooo!)

Evil clubs and evil people? *laugh* I can't imagine that music and dancing could be evil...
Hello, hello! I'm Julie and I'll be playing Heero Yuy. I've been a hardcore Gundam fan since G Gundam first aired. My favorite Gundam ever and my biggest obsession since I was young is Gundam Wing. It's my favorite, and even though I still love 00 and SEED, there's just something about Wing that really gets me ^^; I travel a lot and I'm a big gamer (not just rpgs).

You can get me by email at scenefactory_xx@yahoo.com (I check my email every couple hours). Sometimes I'll be on AIM, too at makoreaction x! I'd love to talk to you guys♥
Oooh, you've been in the fandom for quite a while, haven't you! Excellent, we're glad to have you~ I had quite an obsession with Quatre when I was in high school. ^_^; Wing was the first series I saw, so it's full of wonderful nostalgia for me~
Hi, my name's Aerie and I'll be playing Stellar! The first Gundam series I watched was Gundam 0083, but I'd have to agree with Julie that Wing was one of the best. I'm a huge Heero x Duo fan, because it's just so kawaii! (Heh, it makes my boyfriend nervous because he's totally go the Duo braid.)

I'm an internet addict so getting on for the RP will be fine. :D I'm a geek in general. I play in a few tabletop games and two LARPs. (*waits for the stones*) You can catch me on AIM any time: Aerieblu
*laugh* You should make your boyfriend cosplay Duo! I'm glad you took Stellar, she's one of my favorite characters from Destiny~

Ooh, LARP? I've always wanted to try that, but you know how hard it is getting nerds out in the sunshine~ *laugh*
Hi, I'm K-tan, Mod Number Two. I'll be playing Yzak, Allelujah, and Loran as well as overseeing the Federation Institute and slapping bitches. I'm also chief officer in charge of silly high school manga cliches. I've been a Gundam fan for what seems like forever, but I'm still at the "just watching the anime and buying the merchandise" phase. Not quite at Sanada's building gunpla and planning to drop colonies on Earth phase yet. Wing was my first and Turn A is definitely my favorite, though I have a soft spot in my heart the size of a giant space sombrero for G Gundam.

I've gotten much better about checking my e-mail lately, so if you drop me a line at bright.decide@gmail.com, I'll probably get it. It's usually easier to catch me on AIM at Senri Nakao, though. I look forward to playing with you guys!
...I thought you were totally with me on the colony drop plan!!
Yo! <3 I'm Ryuacchi, and I shall be your Setsuna F. Seiei <3 Ore wa Gundam da. I'm not really a mecha fan (in fact, the only other mecha series I really watched that much was Voltes V XD *shot*), but that may change in due time *wink*. My other hobbies include doing Photoshop stuff, reading, and photography. This would be my first time in an RP, so please go easy on me! ^.^

With school around, I could probably log in at least 3 times a week. But then again, I could always sneak in. XD

Contact Details:
sierra(underscore)ma [Yahoo], sierrakurama [Gmail], kyrios7082 [AIM], egn004 [MSN] (Yes, the last two were created for the sale of this RP XD)
Ahh, Setsuna! Prepare for me going "awwwww" every five seconds... well, welcome to the strange world of RP! *laugh* Careful, or online games will quickly consume all of your schoolwork time... (I know that from experience!)
Hi, my name is Ali, and I'll be playing Kamille. I'm a general mecha fan, most specifically a Gundamfag. I can't pick a favorite series, although I've enjoyed UC Gundams the best. I particularly favor flying mecha and flight variables, such as the Zeta Gundam. ♥

I frequently use AIM and can be contacted by my screenname: childcage

My e-mail is childcage@gmail.com and is also a good way to contact me.
Hey, my name is Sandra, and this is my first time in a RP. I'm into mecha and I also like being random. Hobbies include Computer, reading, studying, and just being involved. I can't reply back as much because I have exams this week, but I check my e-mail daily but no more than once. Not for this week at least.

Feel free to contact me at sandyr_12@hotmail.com.

My AIM is: Sandy worldwide

Okay, I'll see you all later!
Oh my, Patrick as a sensei... This would be fun.

Anyway, hi there to the RP! It's nice to see fellow 00 fans here (actually, there's a lot XD).

Maybe I should call you sensei, since you are going to be Setsuna's teacher. XDDDD

One more thing.

I'll be playing Patrick Colasour in this RP as a teacher, so attend class!
Has anyone else noticed . . . we a bunch of girls that love to RP guys from an anime series that has a serious amount of spin off Yaoi.

*still secretly wants to play Duo*
Oh no. XD I have a bad feeling about this in the future, not to mention since almost all of the characters are male. XD

If you want, then do it. I mean, we have 3 character slots to spare...