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July 1st, 2008

brightslap in gundamgakuen

Arc Two Start Information

Now that the students are settled in and classes have gotten underway, it seems to be business as usual at both Zeon and Federation. Of course, nothing ever stays peaceful for long...

As an attempt to foster goodwill and keep the property destruction to a minimum, the second week of school will be taken up by the first of what may have to be many joint efforts between Zeon and Federation to force their student bodies to interact with each other. Each student and teacher will be given a stamp and a card. Every day, they must make an effort to get to know as many students and teachers from the rival school as they can (as long as it doesn't interfere with precious study time) and get them to stamp their card once they feel they know them a little better. Of course, this is just a recipe for disaster...

This arc will cover the week of April 11-17. We'd like to have it wrapped by July 20th.

MOD NOTE: I know there are some threads from the first arc that haven't wrapped yet. Don't worry about it. Just get them done as soon as possible. You can start or join a thread in Arc Two if you're still posting for Arc One. Again, you can use this post for plotting.

Also, I'm going to beg again for you to try to drag people into the game or get the word out. Take more characters! Anything! The more people we have, the more fun this game will be.