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3xfaster in gundamgakuen


Rule #1: Have fun! That's the most important rule~! So, if there's anything that's keeping you from having fun, please contact a mod! Remember, this is a cartoon about giant robots beating up other giant robots. Please, no drama.

Rule #2: Be active! We know that with school and work and all the other commitments of real life, it can be hard to squeeze in RP. So if you're involved in a thread with another player, please try to reply at least once per week. This is so no one gets "stuck" in a thread. If you're not currently active in a thread, there are no set requirements on posting. Play at the activity level that's comfortable for you.

Rule #3: Likewise, if you know you're going to need a brief hiatus for a school project or vacation or whatnot, try to finish up any open threads with other players. It's just polite, you know? Also, please alert one of the mods before you go on a hiatus so we can add you to the hiatus list.

Rule #4: Players are limited to three characters at this time.

Rule #5: We're het/yaoi/yuri friendly here, and as this is a high school game, there's bound to be romance! But since there's no age limit for this game, please don't post any explicit sexual material.

Rule #6: No godmoding, please. Your character can't read minds, or win all the time, or be practically perfect in every way unless they're Kira Yamato~.