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3xfaster in gundamgakuen


A Brief History of the Universe
In the distant future, humanity has colonized much of the inner solar system after centuries of space exploration. It is a time of relative peace, but many still remember the battles between Earth and the Moon and the dashing mobile suit pilots that became heroes after the war. Perhaps as a sign of goodwill between former enemies, students from both sides attend the prestigious Zeon military preparatory academy, a high school which exists to train mobile suit pilots and other space personnel to combat future threats to humanity (if the remains of the winged space whale that scientists found orbiting Jupiter are any indications, aliens are just plain weird). The school is located on Colony 6, a largely agricultural space station situated equidistant from Earth and the Moon at Lagrange Point 4, and is home to thousands of students.

Rival Schools!
However, not everyone is elite Gundam pilot material. Frankly, there are some people that shouldn't be trusted with a butter knife, much less a 60-foot-tall killer robot. For these young men and women who flunked the Zeon entrance exams, the Federation Institute high school was founded immediately next door to the famous academy (with a considerably lower operating budget - instead of Gundams, students are issued cardboard boxes with "GUNDAM" written on them). Federation and Zeon are bitter rivals in everything from test scores to football (although the Fed's records in both are dismal). It doesn't help that the two schools are within spitball distance of the other. For years, students at the two schools had little to do with each other, until...

...a large portion of the Federation Institute was burnt to the ground in what appeared to be a prank gone horribly wrong (investigations are still ongoing). There were no major injuries, but the students were in for a far worse blow: due to the semi-destruction of their school, Federation students were suddenly forced to share many facilities with Zeon students. Classes still go on at the burned-out husk of the school, though - with extra credit for students who don't mind construction work!

School Life
The Federation Institute and Zeon Academy are similar to Japanese high schools (because everything else in futuristic anime is strikingly similar to modern-day Japan...) Daily classes will cover astrophysics, mechanical engineering, and a well-rounded education in the humanities, unless of course your character chooses to skip class and join the school delinquents on the roof of the building. Students live on campus in dormitories, with each bedroom shared by two students. Federation dormitories are also shared with cockroaches and rats, but don't worry, they're mostly harmless. Meals may be taken in the dining hall or at a local restaurant (Zeon Academy's corporate sponsor is Pizza Hut). Since Colony 6 is primarily agricultural, there's not much to do outside of school, so most students choose to join clubs or the Student Council during their first year.