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brightslap in gundamgakuen

Arc One Start Information

It's April and the beautiful, genetically engineered cherry blossoms are blowing in the artificially generated wind, welcoming back the equally perfected students of Zeon Academy. Next door, a burnt-out husk and smoldering rubble awaits the beleagured Federation Institute. Even the parts of the school that are still intact have a funny smell and are looking a bit singed.

What will the new school year have in store?

New roommates! New teachers! New friends! New enemies! Newtypes! I mean...um...

Our culture and sports clubs will start accepting new members on April 12! Be sure to check them out! Joining a club will create lasting friendships and look great on your resume!

Some suggestions:

Zeon Academy Student Council - contact fking_ribbons or yzak_smash
Federation Institute Basketball Club - contact dangerouslydumb

This arc will cover the week of April 4-10. You can start posting any time after June 14th and we'd like to try to wrap things up by June 28th.

MOD NOTE: Feel free to discuss plot and set up threads with each other in the comments of this post. Also, if you'd try to get the word about the game out to your friends, family, perfect strangers, whatever, that'd be great. We'd love to have as many players as possible!


Note: Obviously OOC

Lol first comment. <3

So, basically, the Federation people will OF COURSE be surprised why the school was burnt to ashes, right? I guess the administrator explaining the situation and what will happen is already a given in the plot...

Anyway, Setsuna is free to RP with anyone. Reply if you have any ideas? <3

Re: Note: Obviously OOC

If no other Federation people have ideas for threads (I know Auel is committed to one already), I can write one up and set it in the boys' dorm so we can all get in on it. Setsuna needs to meet his poor, crazy roommate, after all.

Re: Note: Obviously OOC

I have no idea for a first thread, so I guess you could make it. Should Setsuna be ready for... sudden surprises?