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epic_trap in gundamgakuen

Loran Cehack: Action Transvestite

Location: Behind Zeon Academy
Time: Monday, April 5. After school hours.
Characters: Loran and Dearka
Status: In Progress, Open to all Zeon students
Warnings: None
Summary: Loran does a little trespassing to start the year off.

Loran winced and rubbed at his freshly skinned knee. In hindsight, climbing over the fence to sneak on to the Zeon Academy grounds was a bad idea. Climbing over the fence in his school uniform was probably an even worse idea, but he'd been so caught up in the excitement of his first day at the Federation Institute that it had never occurred to him that climbing and skirts didn't mix. All he'd wanted was to catch a glimpse of his old school and now he found himself in what was supposed to be "enemy territory," wounded and dressed like a girl.

His life had certainly gotten strange.

He could probably get used to the bad cafeteria food at the Institute. He could probably even come to love the funny way the school smelled and he was already fascinated by all the colorful graffiti. Even having to pretend to be a girl wasn't all that bad, at least it hadn't been so far. However, he still missed Zeon's beautiful buildings and well-manicured athletic fields, its clean and well-dressed students, its not smelling really funny. He was so caught up in examining how pretty a nearby flowerbed was that he didn't even hear footsteps approaching.


Dearka Elsman was marvelling at the view over the Zeon Academy fence, but he wasn't looking at the cherry blossoms. Inch by tantalizing inch the pleated skirt crept up, revealing an expanse of smooth, milky brown leg as a girl wearing a Federation uniform shimmied over the fence. Just a little further, and Dearka would know what color panties she was wearing... if any. He'd heard wild stories about Federation girls. He ducked behind a bush just in case she was more modest than the rumors suggested. Just as Dearka was about to confirm panty status, though, the girl tumbled from the top of the fence and hit the ground hard. Ouch.

"Are you alright, miss?" he called, brushing leaves from his uniform as he left his hiding spot. Hopefully she was so distracted by the manicured flowerbed that she'd nearly crashed into that she wouldn't find it suspicious that he'd been lurking in a bush.

Dearka may not have been a gentlemen, but he could act the part fairly convincingly when motivated. With speed that he never displayed in gym class, he was kneeling at the girl's side. He whipped a mostly clean handkerchief out of his pocket and used it to dab gently at the blood on her scraped knee while surreptitiously trying to look up her skirt.

White. White panties with a touch of lace... naughty but nice! Dearka was in love.
"Oh, I'm...I'm fine! You don't have to--really, I'm--" Loran wanted nothing more than to escape back over the wall and maybe die of embarrassment, but now he was stuck. It would be incredibly rude to just brush off such a nice upperclassman, especially since he'd gone so far as to use his own handkerchief, but now he was going to have to explain himself and he wasn't sure if he could without making things even worse.

He did his best to straighten his clothes and fix his hair, noting with dismay just how long it had grown. He was pretty sure he didn't recognize the other boy, but even if they'd been passing acquaintances when he'd been at Zeon, it was no wonder that he'd mistaken him for a girl now. What a mess.
"I can't leave you alone while you're hurt, can I?" he asked, flashing a blinding white smile as he stood up and ran his fingers through his hair to achieve that sexy windswept pilot look. "Don't worry, I won't tell anyone that I saw you climbing over the fence. It can be our little secret, right?" Dearka reassured her, raising a finger to his lips

Oh, you've been a bad girl, now go to my room...

"Are you alright? My dorm room isn't far..." Dearka grimaced slightly, thinking of what his uptight roommate would do to him if he brought a girl back to their room. "Uh, or maybe you'd like to walk around the campus?"
But I just scraped my knee... Were girls really that fragile? Loran supposed that girls who were school idols got all sorts of special treatment when they were hurt, but he didn't think it was because they actually needed it. It was just a way for their fans to get close to them. There wasn't any reason for someone to want to get close to him in such a way, so he decided that the other boy was overreacting and left it at that.

"It's just a little scrape. I'm just fine!" He stumbled forward and managed to walk a few steps without wincing too badly. "I'll...I'll just be leaving now. I guess you could walk me to the gate so it doesn't look too suspicious. That wouldn't look suspicious, right?"
"Suspicious?" Dearka raised an eyebrow, wondering what she'd been climbing the fence for. A rendezvous with a secret lover, perhaps? "What's so suspicious about a boy and a girl taking an afternoon walk?" He silently thanked the blooming cherry trees for providing such a romantic atmosphere. "If you ask me, it's the most natural thing in the world~"

Dearka slipped his arm around her waist to steady her, and found to his delight that he could feel the warmth of her skin through the cheap Federation uniform. This was definitely the best first day of school he could remember... better than the year he'd met Yzak and they'd beaten eachother senseless in the playground, at least.
Loran was fairly certain that it wasn't proper for someone to be so familiar with a lady they had just met. He didn't want to make a scene, but he had a feeling that an actual girl would definitely be considering her "honor" right about now. It was also past the point where he could just say "I'm a boy" without everyone getting horribly embarrassed. Well, if his "savior" even believed him in the first place.

"I, uh, I'm sorry, but I think you might have gotten the wrong idea..."
Oh yeah, she was definitely into him. Most girls would have slapped him by now. Dearka Elsman was going to score toni...

"Huh? Oh, I get it... you've already got a boyfriend, Miss..." Dearka suddenly realised that it had never occurred to him to ask the girl's name. He frowned momentarily, then gave a dismissive wave of his hand. "Whoever he is, you can do better. A girl like you deserves the best - and I happen to be the fifth best student at Zeon Academy. That might not sound impressive, but the four above me are all freaks and geeks. Believe me, I room with one of them."
"Maybe your roommate will get worried if you're out escorting girls around campus. You should probably get back to your room and start studying so he doesn't give you a hard time. Fifth is impressive, so you need to keep your grades up!" Loran was just babbling now, trying to keep the conversation from getting too uncomfortable. The gate couldn't be too much farther away, or so he kept telling himself. Usually he'd just keep quiet and try to be unobtrusive and polite, but he had a feeling that staying quiet right now was just going make things worse. This boy seemed to have a bad habit of jumping to conclusions.

"I haven't even met my roommate yet. At least I'll have a story to tell her when I do! Imagine...climbing the fence and skinning my knee and then having to sneak out of Zeon Academy! It's like something out of a shoujo manga."
"That guy would give me a hard time no matter what I did..." grumbled Dearka under his breath. He'd tried getting Yzak to take a little time out from studying to cruise the mall or play video games, but to no avail. Yzak was the kind of guy who lived exactly according to his day planner... and lately there'd been a lot less time scheduled for hanging out with his best friend.

Dearka forced a grin and turned back to the girl. "And all of that on the first day of school, too! If you want to see Zeon that badly, you can come back tomorrow for my personal guided tour of the school! I guarantee, I'll give you something to tell your roommate about~"
"Thank you for the offer, but I've actually been here before. I just sort of wanted to look around today, that's all..." Now that his knee wasn't hurting as much, Loran picked up his pace a little. Freedom was almost in sight and the innuendo was getting thick enough that he was actually beginning to pick up on it. He was going to have to be extra careful if he ever decided to sneak back into Zeon again. It probably wouldn't be too much of a problem if he talked to people, but he still wasn't quite sure exactly why he was infiltrating Federation and he didn't want to do anything that might jeopardize whatever it was the student council had in mind. The student council was scary.
So she'd been here before... definitely a secret lover, then! The way she pretended to be innocent was so sexy... She was kind of flat-chested for a girl, but the slight curve of her butt under the uniform skirt was a fine consolation prize as far as Dearka was concerned.

"Well, if you ever want to 'look around' again, I'll show you a good time," promised Dearka, producing a pen and a scrap of paper from his jacket pocket to scrawl down his phone number. "Call me, okay?" He tried not to sound too desperate. He'd struck out with yet another girl... living with Yzak was killing his mojo!
Loran reluctantly accepted the scrap of paper and just held it between his thumb and forefinger. Was he supposed to read it first? He'd never been able to get up the courage to even tell a girl he thought she was pretty, let alone force his phone number on her.

"I, um, I don't have a cell phone and I don't think the phones in the girls' dorm work at all, so..." he gave his best apologetic smile, "I guess I'll just hold on to this since we can't really trade. Thank you for helping me out, but it's not too far to the gate now, so I can just see myself out." It was probably too much to ask for the other boy to leave him alone now. He was worried that he'd insist on walking him all the way back to the dormitory and that simply wouldn't do. He felt like he should do whatever he could to protect the defenseless girls of the Federation Institute.
Adding insult to injury, the girl wouldn't even give him her phone number! Dearka was in despair. Had he completely lost his touch with girls? He could only give her a weak wave as she walked towards the main gate, her skirt swishing slightly in the faint breeze...

She sure did have narrow hips for a girl. Even Yzak's ass was bigger than hers - not that Dearka had been checking out Yzak's ass or anything. It was simply an observation.

"H... hey! Wait! You never told me your name! I'm Dearka," he said, tapping his chest. "You know, the Councilman's son." If he knew her name, he could find a nerd to hack the Federation school records and find out what dorm she lived in. After all, if she could sneak into Zeon, what was stopping him from sneaking into her school?
"I'm Loran - I mean...uh...Laura..." The reply had been automatic. He still wasn't used to using the name that had somehow ended up on all of his records. It was a good thing he'd caught himself, though, because he'd almost let his last name slip as well. If he'd made that mistake, he would probably never be rid of this guy. It hadn't occurred to him that Dearka had expected him to know who he was and that made him both embarrassed that he hadn't realized and a little miffed that he hadn't introduced himself anyway. Now that he thought about it, the name did sound familiar, but not because he knew about Dearka's parentage. He seemed to recall hearing it yelled a lot back in middle school.