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kami_inai in gundamgakuen

Drastic Changes

Location: Somewhere in the Federation Institute
Time: Tuesday, April 6, before the start of classes
Characters: Setsuna, anyone else
Status: In Progress Complete
Warnings: None.
Summary: 2 days after going in the Institute, and Setsuna still has to adapt to his new school.

Even after 2 days in his new school, Setsuna couldn't get used to the sudden changes in his environment. He didn't really have any nice memories with anyone back at Zeon, but he did miss its clean, neat surroundings. He was probably too pampered of its almost-perfect scenery (most especially the Gundams flying at the sky every afternoon or so). Of course, who wouldn't notice the large difference between the two schools? Federation was a complete dump site compared to Zeon. (Actually, in a way, it is, since students who fail Zeon usually end up at the Fed).

He knew that the Institute was a lot smaller than Zeon, so he figured out that navigating his way around the entire school was easy. Apparently, he was proved wrong on his first day, when he came late to his second period after minutes of trying to find his way through walls covered in graffiti and broken concrete. He was lucky not to do the same mistake the next day, but this time, he was to finally check in at the dormitory, a building he has yet to see (the Institute, unusually enough, gave him 2 days to have his belongings ready. Setsuna didn't really had much, so he was finished the day before they gave him the key to his room). And so he stood, staring blankly over the badly drawn map given to him, refusing to ask help from anyone. However, even though he didn't want to admit it, Setsuna F. Seiei was very, very lost.


What looked like a mobile pile of luggage stopped a few feet in front of Setsuna, wobbling momentarily and then shedding bags until just one gray eye was visible over the top of the mound. As usual, Allelujah had gotten suckered into carrying half the dorm's baggage. He just couldn't say no to people or turn down someone in need, which was why, he supposed, he now found himself trying to keep from being crushed long enough to help out what looked like a poor lost freshman.

"Are you trying to find your way to the dorms? I know the map isn't very good, but I'm on my way there myself if you'd like to follow me..." He tried to give the boy a reassuring smile, but it ended up as more of a wince as few boxes teetered precariously at the edge of the luggage pile.
Setsuna looked up to see a single grey eye staring back at him. He would probably the first person he talked to in Federation outside class, and he was feeling quite uncomfortable. He never asked for help before, and therefore never received one. And then this green-haired stranger suddenly appeared, giving him a favor. He didn't know how to react, so he just blinked and mumbled a barely audible "Thank you."

But when Setsuna heard the sound of something being in the brink of falling down, he focused attention back to the luggage this stranger was bringing. It was obvious that he was carrying more than he could. Setsuna was no idiot - he knew that this guy was too kind for his own good. "You shouldn't bring other's luggage for them." He said blankly.
"I just can't say no to them, especially considering I'm already moved in and I don't need to carry anything of my own. It's not so bad, really." Allelujah continued to shamble toward the dorm, occasionally stopping to shift bags or grab things that were about to fall. He knew he had a reputation for being a bit of a doormat, but he tried not to let it get to him. Things...never went well when it started getting to him.

"So, um, is this your first year of high school? You must be pretty excited. I've been here a long time and I still sort of look forward to the new school year..." Polite small talk was by no means Allelujah's forte and it really seemed to be falling flat this time. He worried that he might have offended the other boy somehow. He really wished he could see around all the luggage...
Setsuna followed the young man silently, mildly irritated at the occasional stops. That was the reason why he didn't like him to carry all that stuff. Nevertheless, he just continued to walk silently beside him. It wasn't fully his business, after all. He looked around, realizing he never went to this part of the Institute. He decided that it was still smaller than Zeon, but still larger than he thought.

He resisted the urge to twitch at the mention of 'first year'. He knew he was short for his age, but still.. Nevertheless, his face was still blank when he corrected him. "I'm a third year." He simply replied, not even bothering to look at him. However, his patience got a little shorter by the time he heard another noise from the luggage. Setsuna decided to take some of the boxes and carry them for the stranger, silently glaring at him at the corner of his eye.
"Oh, I'm sorry! It's just that I haven't seen you around before and you were lost, so I...sorry." Allelujah lapsed into embarrassed silence and hid even more behind the bags. He didn't speak again until they reached the front step of the dormitory, and even then it was only a few apologetic mumbles as he shifted bags around until he could get an arm free and open the door. The card reader was battered and antiquated, and it took him several swipes of his student ID before the door finally opened.

The dorm lobby had seen better days. There were a few scorch marks here and there and the strange smell that had been wafting around the campus was stronger than usual. Someone had written "Sign In" on a piece of paper and taped it to the reception desk, but beyond that there was no real effort to welcome new students. Since it seemed like his charge did know the routine after all, Allelujah left him on his own and began stacking luggage in neat piles by the stairs to the second floor.
Setsuna didn't reply at his companion's embarrassed apologies. It wasn't really much of a matter on his part, and he was actually glad of the faster pace they're in now. The boxes, while a bit too big, were actually lighter than he expected. He also didn't mind the silence that ensured during the rest of their walk. In fact, he actually preferred the silence, since he wasn't good at conversing. But the sudden smell of burning wood caught his attention. What happened...?

When they finally reached their destination, Setsuna immediately disliked the state of the dormitory. Besides looking very old and rundown, it turned out that it was the source of the smell. Still thoughtful on what happened, he went to the "Sign in" sheet. It was only mere pad paper, the contents handwritten hurriedly. Beside the list of students (Last name first before first name) were their respective room assignments and a small amount of space to write in one's signature. Letting the boxes down, he fumbled for a black ballpen in his own bag in order to sign in "Seiei, Setsuna". When he finally did, he memorized his room assignment before going towards his new companion again.

After putting the boxes beside the rest of the luggage, he tapped on his shoulder in order to get his attention. "Where is room 302." He asked.

[[ooc: Considering the dormitory has a third floor, I used the room number at my homeroom at school. XD Is this the room number format in Fed?]]
[OOC: Works for me!]

"302?!" A wide range of emotions passed over Allelujah's face, finally settling on "mildly uncomfortable." "Well, I guess you could just follow me again. It looks like we're going to be roommates this year," he said with as much cheer as he could muster. He'd been praying for some sort of paperwork mistake or divine intervention to grant him a year of blessed solitude, but it looked like that wasn't destined to happen. It could be worse, though, he decided. At least it was most likely that he'd just get ignored.

"I guess I should introduce myself, huh? I'm Allelujah Haptism. Pleased to meet you."
"Ah." Was Setsuna's only reply to this revelation. He didn't believe in destiny, but he was mildly surprised. At least he knew his roommate won't be annoying nor short-tempered. He didn't have a roommate when he was in Zeon too, so he still had no idea what it was like to have one.

He hunched his small backpack to get ready for another "follow-the-leader". Allelujah Haptism. So that was his name all along. "Setsuna F. Seiei." He introduced himself rather blankly.
Allelujah briefly considered asking what the "F" stood for, then thought better of it. Setsuna didn't seem to be interested in any sort of conversation. Instead, he just led the way up the stairs.

"We'll have to take the stairs for a while. There's an elevator, but it hasn't worked since the the explosion two years ago. It's supposed to get fixed this year along with everything else, but we really aren't getting our hopes up." In a way he was grateful that his new roommate didn't seem to be the sort to ask too many questions. He really didn't want to explain just what had caused the dormitory to be in such bad shape, especially considering the third floor hallway looked like something out of a war zone, but the door to 302 was completely unmarred. He unlocked the door and held it open for Setsuna, revealing a room that was cleaner and tidier than most of the campus.

"It's not much, but it's home."
The journey towards the room seemed long, since it still continued in silence. As Setsuna followed his new roommate, he can't help but notice the damage in the dormitory. To him, it looked more chaotic than the rest of the school. As he heard about the elevator issues, he had a small want to complain to the administration so that Federation could finally change, though he was still uncertain. What caught his attention the most, however, was the quality contrast of room 302 compared to the other locations.

He wasn't complaining though, though he started to feel something fishy going on with Allelujah. Either that, or he didn't really have anyone to mess up his room. He was still very content with the it - neat and simple, unlike the scenery from the peeks he stole from half-closed doors on other rooms.
Allelujah sat down on his bed and picked up the book he had been reading way back before he'd taken on the task of being the dorm's pack mule. It seemed like this year was going to be one of peace and quiet, and that was what he needed. Maybe nothing too dramatic would happen. Maybe this would be the year when he finally graduated. He wasn't going to get his hopes up, though. He never did.

[OOC: Should we wrap it up here, or do you want to get one more post in?]
Setsuna, on the other hand, went towards the other bed (it was, fortunately, not broken and very comfortable) to set his luggage down. All in all, the only room he liked in the whole Institute was this one, and it was nothing compared to Zeon. Fortunately no one would bother him at the Academy. He wanted to finally go back to Zeon so he could pilot a Gundam, but that would have to wait. No matter how rundown it was, Federation is, for now, his home.

[[ooc: And that's a wrap.]]