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missionaccepted in gundamgakuen

Mission 01: Success or Failure?

Location: His dorm/around campus
Time: Roughly 4 A.M.
Characters: Heero and anyone who's willing to put up with him. 
Status: In Progress, Open to All
Warnings: Mild Language (to be safe)
Summary: How Heero handles failure...even if it's just a simple thing like attempting to hack into Federation files to find information about the fire.

Zeon Academy. The sun is barely beginning to poke it's bright nose out onto the horizon, the birds haven't even began their morning serenadeyet. During this time Heero Yuy should be catching another fourty-five minutes of beneficial sleep, but instead he is glued to his laptop, fingers flying lightening-fast on the keyboard. Any ordinary witness would see Heero and label him as just a normal, restless teenage boy unable to sleep. However, at a much closer inspection, a trained eye might be able to decipher certain signs of intense frustration on this teenage boy's features. For example, the way his eyebrows are ever-so-slightly pulled together, the way his head is bowed at just the right angle to make his scowl even fiercer, and of course, the way his lips are pressed together just a little bit tighter than normal. 
     Codes that only he would ever be able to understand blink on the screen continuously, but none of them are giving him what he needs, and Heero's frustration is reaching it's absolute peak. Already a couple hours of working the system and still Heero isn't getting anything...except for maybe a headache. With an amount of self-control usually reserved for super heroes and retired drug-addicts, he freezes his fingers over the keyboard and takes just a slight breath (probably his first in a long, long time). 
     "A good Gundam pilot can hack easily into a simple system," he tells himself out loud. "A great Gundam pilot can hack easily into any system. I can hack into this, easily. So why isn't it working?" 
     His attempts continue until his alarm clock goes off across the room, in which case he's forced to get up and turn it off, along with his laptop. Success or not, he still has responsibilities. This mission will have to wait; he's not ready to declare failure yet. Once Heero's dressed and ready (still about an hour before the usual campus waking-period), he decides that some fresh air would be essential to his health (because clearly something life-threatening is wrong with him if he can't hack into a simple system like the Federation's database).
     Yes, a walk around campus is exactly what he needs.

[ooc; Sorry this is so late, guys. I was in Puerto Rico for a week .___.]


Before Heero can leave the dormitory, the door of one of the other rooms opens. The atmosphere in the hallway immediately tenses and darkens, like a storm is about to break. Standing in the doorway is the disheveled and irate form of one Yzak Joule, clad in his pajamas and looking ready to rip someone's throat out with his teeth. Though it's obvious that he's been rudely awakened, he's taken the time to put the armband that identifies him as part of the student council disciplinary committee on over his pajama shirt.

"Do have ANY IDEA how EARLY it is?" he hisses, "People are trying to sleep in here and we don't need you wandering around at the asscrack of dawn."
Heero's eyes begin to narrow in their descent to his infamous Death Glare, but upon glancing at the familiar armband, he willed himself to relax. Going back into his room was clearly not something he anticipated, but it seemed that he didn't have much of a choice. As he mulled the situation over in his head (for far longer than probably normal), his eyebrows lowered dangerously. Before he realized it, his usual look of indifference had become a full blown Glare o' Death.

'This is ridiculous,' he thought. 'Obviously my stealth is weak. I must work on that, soon...'

He forced himself to nod (somewhat stiffly) at the boy in front of him before turning around to head back into his room...and plan.
"Where do you think you're going?! You owe me an apology!" Yzak seethed, aiming his own death glare at the back of Heero's head. He seemed completely unaware of how ridiculous he looked, because he didn't even hesitate to step out into the hall and close the door to his room behind himself, sparing his poor roommate from the tirade that would inevitably come.

"Don't think you can just walk away from me! Hey! Hey, are you listening!" His voice was getting louder and louder, probably waking up more people than Heero had, if he'd even disturbed anyone but Yzak in the first place.
Heero was more annoyed now than he was frustrated. Why did this guy have to be so persistent? Wasn't he doing what he was asked? Heero stopped short before turning around, his face as hard and his eyes as cold as a tombstone.

"You asked me to go back to my room, which is what I'm doing," he said as calmly and cooly as he could. "I don't owe you anything."
"I think you do, and I also think it's better that you just do what I tell you so I don't have to tell people that you're sneaking around this early in the morning. I can't think of any legitimate reason for it, and I don't think you'll be able to come up with one. I think you know what sort of influence the student council has over this school, so I think you know what's in your best interests." The flailing, screeching rage had given way to Yzak's second most prevalent mood: smug and self-important. It was a bit far to go to get a simple apology, but it was four o'clock in the morning and Yzak was Yzak.
Heero's calm breathing became something of an angry snort through his nose, much in the way a raging bull snorts before charging. His eyes had reached a dangerous blue before he pulled back, clenching and un-clenching his fists to get the circulation flowing once more.

He did not like this guy, by any means. He quickly weighed his options: He could just turn around and slam himself in his room without saying anything, but it's possible this guy would just force his way in and Heero would be in even more trouble. He could threaten him, but that would be a bad idea...to say the least. Or he could just swallow his pride and apologize--no. That was not an option. He would not belittle himself for anyone. Not once has he apologized in his life, and he wasn't going to apologize to this guy.

"I won't bother you again," he said in his usual monotone, before turning and entering his room, shutting the door quietly behind him.