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lil_stellar in gundamgakuen

She's crazy AND smart, who wouldn't love that?

Location: Zeon Academy Pool (I'm assuming that it's an outdoor pool?)
Time: Sunday, April 11, midday
Characters: Stellar, anyone else!
Status: In Progress.
Warnings: None

Stellar idly tossed another book behind her adding to the growing trail of textbooks that lead into the pool area.  Mathematics . . . check.  She yawned and stretched her arms over her head as she did a mental checklist of the subjects. The weekend had given her a chance to get ahead on most of her assignments.  Stellar picked up her Political Science book and glared at it with some boredom.  She had read through this one on Friday during class . . . right?  She opened it and scanned the first chapter. Yup . . .

With a growl of frustration, Stellar tossed the book over her shoulder.  It was easier pretending NOT to be smart.  Now she was bored.  Bored bored bored!   She shaded her eyes from the afternoon sun and eyed the pool in front of her.  Before she came to Zeon, school had at least been fun!  Getting into mischief, making the teachers want to pull their hair out, and driving the other classmates mad!

"Stellar doesn't want to die of boredom!" Stellar muttered as she idly folded a sheet of paper scribbled with all her math notes on it, "This is so lame . . ."

She tossed the sheet of paper, which was now a paper airplane, into the air.  She didn't need it.  She had all ready scribbled most of the answers to the math questions inside her book.  She had hoped that maybe some of the students would be around the pool area.  Even if it was some of the athletes doing laps.  She could have at least bugged some of them to stamp her card. Sadly, there didn't seem to be any sign of other students.  Maybe it was too early in the day?  Ah, it was Sunday.

Well, at least she had picked a pleasant spot to study.  Stellar really liked the water, Neo had taken her down to Earth once.  The ocean down there was so beautiful.  Up in the colonies . . . well, this school did have a pool so that was one perk of being here?  Stellar had never gotten a chance to learn to swim.  Maybe she'd get a chance to learn while she was attending school here.

Stellar kicked off her shoes as she wandered over to the pool's edge.  Maybe she could just dangle her feet into the water . . .  She dipped one foot into the water, testing it's temperature. Wow, this feels great! She giggled and splashed at the water with her foot.

"Fun, fun fun!"


If Setsuna had a choice, he would haven't contribute to this activity Federation and Zeon planned. However, it was the perfect excuse to check on his previous school and see if anything changed. Of course, being out of it for only a few weeks meant that nothing too major happened, but he still wanted to glance at the Academy... So, after finishing his homework and studies (they were a whole lot easier than the ones he previously did, so it took him only an hour to finish everything), he picked up his card and walked there.

He had no idea why he went first to the swimming pool. Even when he was a student back there, he rarely visited it, mostly because of classes. However, he preferred the outdoors, and since it would be suspicious if he took the liberty to go to the other school without getting a single stamp, he decided to do that first before he started wandering around. When he got there, he first saw two women - one was comfortably in the pool, while the other looked familiar. Setsuna couldn't pintpoint where he saw her, though.
Stellar halted her splashing as she heard someone speak to her. Books . . . oh right. She had made a mess hadn't she? She paused to look up at the other girl. The face wasn't very familiar, and she had made a point to at least know most of the Zeon girls so she would know who to avoid, like that Peacecraft girl . . . Stellar shuddered just thinking about that one. She liked pink far too much and talked of peace when everyone knew fighting was the whole reason you learned to use the Gundams.

But this new face had be from the Federation school. Oh, the perfect opportunity to get a stupid stamp! Stellar started to dig into her dress pocket for her card when she spotted another student walking into the area. It looked like coming to the pool was a good idea!

"Hi, my name is Stellar! This is my first year here at Zeon. Sorry about the books . . ." Stellar apologized as she started to climb to her feet, "I'm a little-"

She cut herself off as she felt herself lose her footing. The tiling around the pool's edge was slipper from all of her splashing. Stellar yelped and reached out to try to grab something to stop her fall, but her own panicked movements sent her falling backwards into the pool. As she hit the water with a loud splash, the only thought that could really cross her mind was "Darn it, I'm wearing a white dress today . . ."

The realization that she couldn't swim . . . as well as the fact that she was slowly sinking to the bottom of the pool . . . didn't even cross her mind until her chest started to burn.

AIR! AIR! YOU NEED AIR, YOU IDIOT! Her brain screamed at her. Why didn't Neo ever teach you to swim?
It never occurred to Loran that jumping into the pool was a bad idea. He wasn't a very strong swimmer himself and he wasn't exactly dressed for underwater rescue, but there was a lady in danger and that usually took precedence over more logical thought. He floundered around at first, then took the deepest breath he could and ducked under the water. The sting of the chlorine was immediate and more than he'd been prepared for. He found himself groping around blindly, hoping he could catch on to Stellar somehow.

There was a brush of something that might have been skin and he grabbed desperately at it, his nails scraping against it before it fell away. He pushed himself lower and managed to grab on to something, but the burning in his eyes and in his lungs kept him from taking the time to make sure he'd succeeded in the rescue. All he could do was try to propel himself towards the surface and hope for the best, but there looked like there was miles of blue above his head.
Setsuna could only stare at the scene in front of him. He didn't budge when both of them were in the water, assuming that the Fed girl knew how to swim well. But he can't find them rising up the surface minutes later.

He sighed. He didn't plan to save anyone from drowning today, but staring at two people drowning would be awkward, right? Not that he cares, but he knows Zeon won't like two deaths in their school. Especially if one of them was from their rival school.

Quickly taking his shirt off and setting aside his stamp card, he jumped in the pool. He wasn't very good at swimming either, but his daily exercises did help. However, it proved to be a challenge to carry girls a lot heavier than his built. Deciding that the Fed girl can take care of herself, he carried the weight of the blonde instead to the edge of the school. Setsuna glared at her, water drops still falling from his hair.
The chlorine was burning her nose and her eyes, but overall Stellar realized she was still alive. It seemed like a miracle. She wasn't dead? Stellar clung tightly to her savior as she tried to regain her composure.

"T-t-thank y-y-you," she coughed up a few mouthfuls of water before taking a few large gasping breaths.

Stellar eyed her savior for a moment. Federation student. He didn't look that much older than herself, but then again, she could be wrong. Stellar warily looked herself over and found herself to be a complete mess.

The dress Neo had bought her was soaked through and the front partially torn as though someone had tried to pull her up by the collar. She blushed and tried to cover herself. This was definitely not the Sunday she had planned.
Loran eventually surfaced and dragged himself to the far side of the pool. He held on to the edge for dear life and coughed pitifully. All that effort and someone else had pulled off the rescue. Now he was just cold and wet with nothing to show for it. His clothes were heavy with water and clung uncomfortably, making it difficult to climb out of the pool. Instead he just treaded water and looked pitiful. It seemed like every visit to Zeon ended in some sort of disaster.

"So is everyone okay...?"
Setsuna ignored all reactions to him and merely walked back to his belongings. He didn't have a towel, so he was sure his shirt would be wet if he wore it now... He shrugged. He was near the pool, anyway. Being half naked is excusable. Besides, he only wanted to wash his pants when he got back to Federation.

In response to the Federation girl, he simply lend a hand to her. "Everyone's fine." He replied blankly.

"Stellar is all right thanks to the quiet one," Stellar crossed her arms over her chest trying to cover herself, "I'm sorry to have troubled you. Are you all right?"

She looked to the other girl, it seemed she had jumped in after Stellar to save her.

"If you would like to . . . you could come with me to my dorm and I could lend you some clothing? I don't want to make you walk home soaking wet like that . . ." Stellar eyed the boy that had saved her, "I could give you a towel if you want . . ."
"I'm fine." Setsuna replied, still having his hand stretched out to the girl in the pool. His ears heard the Zeon girl's suggestion, though. He surely didn't need clothing, but a towel would be fine. Setsuna thought about it for a while. "I do not wear female clothing." He replied after about a minute. "And there is no need for a towel. You should give that offer to her instead." He made a small motion towards the other female, still floating in the water.
Loran looked absolutely miserable as he took Setsuna's hand and tried to scramble out of the pool. He wanted nothing more than to just take his wet, clingy shirt off but doing so would blow his cover, if it hadn't been blown already. He was soaked to the skin, after all.

"I'm sorry for causing you trouble. I guess I just wasn't thinking. I...I should be okay like this, really. I'll just dry off later or, um, something." He bowed his head and continued to apologize simultaneously to both of them.
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"You'll catch a cold." Setsuna insisted, still at the edge of the pool. He knows they might interject that comment back to him, but he knows he can't catch a cold. Gundam does not catch a cold.

Fate, however, wishes to disagree with this young man, so as soon as Setsuna finished his sentence, he couldn't help but sneeze. "I'm fine." He said, mostly to himself, but even he couldn't deny that he was feeling a bit warmer...