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Gundam Metaseries AU High School RP

Unless you're Amuro Ray, it takes more than just reading the manual to learn how to pilot a Gundam!

In the distant future, hopeful students flock to Zeon Academy, an elite preparatory school situated on a space colony orbiting Earth. Those who don't make the cut attend the neighboring Federation Institute, a private school that prides itself on producing juvenile delinquents like Zeon produces gentlemen. When an accident leads to the rival schools being forced to work together, how long before the next galactic war erupts?

Gundam Gakuen is an AU school/comedy roleplaying game that's not set in any particular canon Gundam universe, although it shamelessly steals affectionately borrows from multiple Gundam anime, several shoujo manga, and anything else we could rip off. Spot all of the references and congratulations, you're a big nerd! We're accepting applications for students, teachers and administrators from all Gundam series.

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